Gmail inbox app is better than gmail mail?

Gmail inbox is the fresh application which promises to take you beyond email service. Gmail mail is an email hub for mobiles which not only supports the gmail, but provides various other useful features. The gmail inbox app tries to change the way you use the email service whereas the gmail mail seems to have better functionality in certain areas. With gmail mail you can use yahoo, POP, IMAP and exchange mail. The individual use of email is different as we use it for different purposes. Hence we need to know the features before taking a decision about selecting Gmail inbox app or Gmail mail application.

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Inbox Helps You To Organize Better

The “bundles” feature in gmail inbox will help you to organize the messages according to category. You can keep promo messages in a bundle, purchase mails in a bundle, updates in another bundle, all the travel mails in another bundle, etc. This will make your inbox clutter free. It is not possible to automatically organize all your incoming emails using gmail mail. Read More…

Learn how to use Gmail Calendar

Google calendar is an app available for Gmail. You will need a Gmail account to use Google calendar. You can find the Google calendar from the apps option on the Gmail webpage. You can plan your work and actions using this calendar and you will be able to share your plans with others using this app. You can use Google calendar to enjoy the following benefits.

gmail calendar

Viewing And Sharing

Your friends, colleagues, classmate or team members will be able to view your calendar and know about the schedules without contacting you in person. They will need a gmail sign in account and password login to view and share the calendar. You can let others know about the various events using this app for Gmail. Even if you do not have access to the internet, you will be able to see the schedule using offline access. Read More…

Gmail for Android and iPhone app

Gmail is not only an email service from Google, but, it is a communication hub, which offers features like texting, voice chat, video conferencing and contacts directory. It is possible to use gmail from Android or iPhones. There are Google apps available to use gmail features. Android devices use Google software and Gmail apps for Androids provides all web based function from gmail. There are apps available for iPhones which provide all the latest features from gmail. There are many benefits and here we explain the using gmail for Android and iPhone. Here are some of the important benefits.

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Priority Inbox

This is a great feature introduced by Google for iPhone users. It is possible to filter the unread messages or important starred emails by just tapping on the screen. You can also read the emails in the traditional way.

Searching Archived Mails

You will be able to search the archived mails easily through the gmail app for Android or iPhone. Even if your device does not actually contain the email, you will be able to make the search using the gmail app. Read More… features about Google mail is one of the most popular free web based email services that you will come across on the internet. This popular service is offered by search engine giant Google. Gmail service has been open to the general public from February 2007 and is currently available in 72 languages. If you need to use the Gmail email service, you will have to register for a Gmail account. With one Gmail account username and password, you can access everything that Google has to offer on the internet like Google Maps, YouTube, Google Play Store, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Gtalk, Google+, Google News and many more.

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Gmail offers a whole lot of features that makes e-mailing easier and convenient. Gmail Notifier is a feature which will alert you whenever a new message arrives in your inbox. This is a downloadable application that will let you know about new messages arriving in your inbox without opening the web browser. Some of the most important features email of Google service are:

Free Storage Space 

Gmail originally started by offering 1GB free storage space for its users. But, with the increasing demand for more storage space and with stiff competition from other web based email services, Gmail is now offering 15GB of free storage space. This is a decent enough space for individual users for a lifetime, even though Read More…